Congrats to the BodyShop celebrating a 10 year anniversary!!!


  • Washington Redskins 1985-89, Super Bowl XXII
    It makes me feel really good when I see people of all ages working out at the BodyShop. I’ve been training with Adam for four years and I feel really strong and healthy. Adam is a great trainer.

    Reggie Branch Personal Training
  • Training at the Body Shop with Adam was a very fun and rewarding experience. with the training, knowledge, and motivation I received, I was able to help win The 2009 State Championship with the Cape Henlopen Girls Lacrosse Team.

    Cape Henlopen Womens Lacrosse Personal Training
  • I have been training with Adam Howard for the last 3 years, and it has been a terrific experience. Instead of sticking around the 180 lb weight that I had typically been hovering at for years, I have been able to maintain 170lbs since I have been training with Adam. Adam truly has a deep understanding of physiology and fitness. Over the past three years I have had minor physical problems (i.e. back and knee) and Adam has been careful and concerned to both watch out for further injury and the healing of the injury. In addition, Adam is a genuinely good guy who can relate to many different experiences. So it is easy for me to spend 12 + hours a month in the gym training with him.

    Justin Healy Personal Training