Personal Training

  • I have been training with Adam Howard for the last 3 years, and it has been a terrific experience. Instead of sticking around the 180 lb weight that I had typically been hovering at for years, I have been able to maintain 170lbs since I have been training with Adam. Adam truly has a deep understanding of physiology and fitness. Over the past three years I have had minor physical problems (i.e. back and knee) and Adam has been careful and concerned to both watch out for further injury and the healing of the injury. In addition, Adam is a genuinely good guy who can relate to many different experiences. So it is easy for me to spend 12 + hours a month in the gym training with him.

    Justin Healy
  • Washington Redskins 1985-89, Super Bowl XXII
    It makes me feel really good when I see people of all ages working out at the BodyShop. I’ve been training with Adam for four years and I feel really strong and healthy. Adam is a great trainer.

    Reggie Branch
  • I knew I wanted to look and feel my best on my wedding day but I had been working out on my own for a few months and I was not getting the results I wanted and started to get very frustrated. My fiancé had been working out with Adam for awhile and always talked about the different types of workouts Adam had him do and how great he always felt afterwards. So, I contacted Adam a few months before the wedding to see if I could begin training with him and I am so glad I did. In only a few months Adam completely changed my body - I had definition in places that I never had before! Besides getting great results the workouts were never boring and Adam always made it fun and enjoyable. The week of the wedding Adam even made time for me to get in a few last minute sessions. He also put together a diet and workout program I could do on my own since I would be out of town a few days before the wedding. I felt great the day of my wedding and I could not have done it without Adam’s help!

    Staci Prater Hammonds
  • Adam Howard of The Body Shop is the best thing anyone can do for themselves, as he is a guy that will help you make the most out of your physical health status by working you as hard as you need to work, or taking things a bit slower so you can go at your own speed. Going to Adam at the Body Shop is the best thing I have ever done for myself, he takes my own health more seriously that I do! Being in business, it can be hard to find time to exercise regularly, but Adam is someone who will motivate you to get to the gym and get your work done, so that you can feel the best you possibly can! Want someone that can take you at your own pace, help you with not only your physical training regimen, but also encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle, then Adam Howard of The Body Shop is your guy, I could not recommend a better person for anyone no matter what your condition may be!

    Steve “Monty” Montgomery
  • The Body Shop has been involved with the Cape Henlopen girls lacrosse team for the past three years. in 2009 the Cape LAX Team took the state title. Their hard work and dedication at the Body Shop was displayed all season long on the playing field. The Cape Henlopen High School girls lacrosse team became the first public school to be crowned as DIAA state champions with an impressive 11-7 win over St Andrew’s. The lady Vikings never trailed in the contest and garnered the crown with a powerful offense and a stellar defense.The state championship was the first in girls lacrosse for a public school in the 12 years of the tournament. Cape’s title on May 18, was an exclamation point of 40 years of Cape Henlopen sports. “Training at the Body Shop with Adam was a very fun and rewarding experience. with the training, knowledge, and motivation I received, I was able to help win The 2009 State Championship with the Cape Henlopen Girls Lacrosse Team.” - Alec Perry 2009 Cape Henlopen Lacrosse State Champ

    Cape Henlopen Womens Lacrosse
  • Adam also recently began working with the Delaware State Police. the officers’ improvement in strength and conditioning enable them to perform more efficiently while on duty.

    Delaware State Police Dept.